Monday, November 9, 2015

Getting to know BC Man-Child Miles Wood

BC Super Frosh Miles Wood (Courtesy: The Tab)

Miles Wood was a mere curiosity 11 months ago at the World Junior camp at Walter Brown Arena, a local prep school kid getting a chance to live out a fantasy playing with the big boys, until he made the squad.  He was originally going to play with his brother at Brown, and then there were rumors that he was going to accelerate his graduation from Nobles to play with Eichel at BU. He ended up at BC, and according to USA's World Junior personnel maven Ben Smith, he's playing the best hockey of anyone in the NCAA. "He could play for the Bruins tomorrow," gushed Smith. If you haven't got a read on Miles Wood, it's high time you did. RinkRap got to fire some questions at the freshman stud from the bowels of Conte Forum this past Sunday, after the 6'3" Freshman scored a goal while picking up 14 penalty minutes from a late game fracas in BC's 2-0 win over Maine.

RinkRap: You just had an NCAA version of a "Gordie Howe Hat Trick" today, a little bit of everything. Your breakaway led to the penalty and your power play goal. Could you talk about the offense you are creating?

Wood: First of all, I think it's a testament to my two linemates, Austin Cangelosi and Chris Calnan, I think we all gel well together, and without them I wouldn't be having the success I'm having now. They work so hard I'm really fortunate to be playing with two guys like them.

RinkRap: We just talked to coach York about how much the World Juniors helped you in your development. I remember 11 months ago you were at that Walter Brown camp and we thought "Eh, they're bringing in a prep school kid," and suddenly you were getting a regular shift up in Montreal. What did the World Juniors mean to you and your development? 

Wood: The World J's meant the world to me. To have the chance to represent the United States on such a huge stage like that, I was very fortunate to be in that situation. For me personally, it helped me a ton. Just to get used to high end players up there and get a taste of what it's like to play in a country-wide thing like that. I think it was good for me to see the speed up there, play with players like Jack (Eichel), with (Alex) Tuch and (Dylan) Larkin who's playing pro right now, just to see how they were on and off the ice it helped a lot with me transitioning into college.

RinkRap: You play an NHL style game, and what NHL people are looking for in terms of your jam in front of the net. Your goal was a perfect example of that. Are people telling you this is what you should keep doing? Is your dad telling you this is a good style to be playing?

Wood: Umm, yeah. You know I formed myself into more of a power forward type player. For me to get to the next step I have to go to the top of the crease and bang in goals that way, and support my players. I'm not going to be that guy that's going to dangle through the whole team you know what I mean? So I just got to play my game, use the players around me, and compete in all three zones.

Rink Rap: Coach has been saying you've got a lot of freshmen here, and you know this isn't necessarily the right place for everybody. Is BC the right place for you? There was talk about Brown, there was talk about BU, but you ended up at BC. Is this the right home for you?

Wood: Yeah it is. 100%, this is the right home for me. The coaches have all been great to me, they've handed me chances, power play time starting to come, I've been very fortunate to be able to play for Jerry York and Brownie (Greg Brown) and (Mike) Ayers, for me to be here, I'm truly blessed.

Rink Rap: Everyone talks about your blood lines, your dad Randy a good Yale man who played a long time in The Show, but your granddad was a hell of a hockey player. Did you have a relationship with him?

Wood: I had a very close relationship with him. He played at Harvard, and he passed away last year. He meant the world to me, so I'm very fortunate to have known him for 18 years of my life, and he's been a great supporter, still is.

RinkRap: Did he give you any advice about playing the game, is there anything you remember that you can share?

Wood: Yeah (choking up). He always said three words to me, Make it Happen.